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What is financial stress?

Financial stress is a psychological stress caused by the lack or mismanagement of money, although many causes are as a result of the choices we make, this can range from inability to put down a budget, over spending, lack of work or employment opportunities,rise in food prices(inflation), or having way too many responsibilities or liabilities that your paycheck cannot cover for. There's no direct or easy solution from the list below to solve this ,but all the solutions require self-descipline that is your commitment.

  • Learn to differentiate between a need and a want, this means that you will buy all your needs first(e.g food) before you purchase unimportant things.

  • Plan a proper budget that will last you until your next paycheck.

  • Find ways to make extra cash like freelancing, or having a small home business etc.

  • Implement ways to save money like using coupons or gift cards.

  • You might want to get rid of things you don't need by exchanging them for cash.

  • If you don't work long hours you might want to take an extra job or only weekend jobs.

  • If you're loyal to certain brands that are costly you might want to change to the ones that cost less until your financial situation is resolved.

  • Avoid temptations at all cost, if you're an impulsive shopper you might want to carry only the money for the things you need to buy.

  • Children can also add to your financial stress, be open to them about your financial problems and only buy them things they need.

  • If you own a car and spend a lot of money on gas you might consider using public transport only if their accessible.

  • If you're in deep with financial problems you might consider visiting a debt counselor.

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