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What Leads to stress

Different people perceive stress in a different way,due to our personalities ,experiences and genetic variations,one cause of stress might not affect the other person,while the other can find it hard to deal with it,for that reason we have listed some of the major causes of stress

  • Financial problems

    • This can be caused by, purchasing goods or services that you don't need, living a life that exceeds your pay check, mismanagement of funds , unable to put down a budget, or rise in food prices(inflation).

      • Prioritize when you buy things and only purchase things you need first.

      • Plan a budget that will last you until your next paycheck.

      • Find ways to make extra cash like freelancing, having a small home business etc.

      • Implement ways to save money like using coupons or gift cards.

      • You might want to get rid of things you don't need by exchanging them for cash.

      • if you don't work long hours you might want to take an extra job or only weekend jobs.

      • If you're loyal to brands that are costly you might want to change to the ones that cost less until your financial situation is solved.

      • Avoid temptations at all cost, if you're an impulsive shopper you might want to carry only the money for what you want to buy.

      • Children can also add to your financial stress, be open to them about your financial problems and only buy them things they need.

      • If you own a car and spend a lot of money on gas you might consider using public transport only if their accessible.

  • Relationship or Marriage

    • Communication breakdown between couple.s

      • Communicate openly with your loved one without hurting their feelings.

      • When your partner has hurt you emotionally don't take time to let them know how they made you feel, because if you keep it inside it might create more problems between the two of you.

      • Some people want to hear you say you love them, just by taking 2 even 3 minutes of your time to tell them how much they mean to you, it might make a difference.

    • Incompatibility

    • Child maintenance or unable to support your family.

    • Abuse or disagreements

    • Introduction of a new sibling or child.

    • Cohabitation.

  • Health Problems.

  • Loss of work or jobless

  • Pregnancy

  • Self-esteem problems

    • Not being be able to accept the way you look, it can either be your weight, shape.

    • Unhappy about your current circumstances at home or work.

  • Increased in crime.

  • Death of a loved one

    • Never experienced loss before and afraid it might happen again.

    • Feeling like life will never be the same without lost loved one or struggling to adjust to new changes.

    • The dead loved one has left you with a huge debt or his or her children's to take care of, and you're unsure how you will manage.

  • Growing up or becoming an adult

  • Work problems

    • Working long hours and not having time for yourself

    • Harassment or mistreatment by other employees

    • Not allowed to show your creativity always micro-managed, cant participate in decision making projects or tasks.

  • Cortisol deficiency

  • More stress causes content coming soon..

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